"Lost in translation"

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The hallways

This is one of many long walks within the university area.

There are internal shuttle buses going regular between the outer areas of the campus and the lecture halls so on my lazy day I use to take it to work.

At the moment I rent a master bed room with bath room attached. The appartment is a 10 minutes walk from the university area and it is a block house among hundreds similar others. They are all well ordered as a result of Singapores social engineering that started up with PM Lee during the 50's.


The University

Hello Folks !!

Here is a picture of the NIE yard. My office is located to the left in this picture. While going for lunch you better stay in the shade otherwise you will sweat too much. So its better to take one of the long hallway walks (see the picture above).
There are plenty of cantinas with subsidaried food for the students so there is no need to bring you own. A lunch is about 15 kr.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Would you trust this man

Well, the swedish election is comming up and who to vote for. Maybe this fellow can make the right decision about whats good for sweden. Anyhow its a pretty nice picture of the swedish prime minister.

Below is the german translation. Just wanted to try out Google translate

Für gut comming die schwedische Wahl oben und wem zur Stimme. Möglicherweise kann dieser Gefährte treffen die rechte Entscheidung über, was für Schweden gut ist. Irgendwie sein eine hübsche nette Abbildung des schwedischen Premierministers Posted by Picasa

Life in Singapore

Singapore 19:th may 2006

Hello Folks

This is my blogg about life in Singapore. I have spent almost two month at my new job at NIE University and everything is fine so far. Right now I work on creating some templates for a Video Case Library that will be used in in teachers education.

The rainy season started a few weeks ago and in the afternoons there use to be thunderstorms and heavy rain. Luckily it doesnt rain in the mornings so I can take my walk to work, passing by the Nanyang Lake (which is acctually more of a big pond), continue on passing by Yunnan corner which is the staff club. After that I stop by cantina 2 where I have my breakfast before continue another five minutes walk to reach my office. Now its friday afternoon and I will soon be heading home.